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I want my website to be accessible to everyone. It is important to me that anyone is able to enjoy this site. Please leave a comment on my Neocities profile or in my cbox if there are any issues. :-)

Feel free to reference or use my code if you want. My layout wasn't made by me anyways (thanks!) Just don't copy my whole thing or impersonate me. And be warned, my code is all over the place because I am an amateur so much of it is just stuff I picked up around the Internet and frankenstined together.

Welcome to my website!

Hello! I will mainly be using this as an archive for my various collections in the form of scans or pictures, but I will have some more personal pages, like shrines and maybe a blog of some sorts. Currently I am rebuilding this site so most of those pages unfortuantely do not exist yet. This is a constant WIP and I may not update for long periods of time due to my mental and physical health. More about me that isn't listed in the side bar is that I really like musical theatre, I am in high school, and I am autistic. This is basically all you need to know about me and my site, you can find out more on the individual pages for stuff. Enjoy my Neocities!