September 28th, 2022

song of the day: Somewhere That's Green

forgot a day AGAIN um oops!! everything has been pretty boring. i drew quite a bit on the days i had off and i went out with ethan and obviously that was awesome!! i'm still super excited for beetlejuice. my audrey cosplay is also coming together really well i just have a few more things to do/buy but i'm like 60% done! yay!! but my back hurts really bad and i'm exhausted. i'm hopefully getting more cds and dvds soon

September 26th, 2022

song of the day: Apex Predator

Lol i relistened to mean girls for the first time since like 2018. it was a LOT better than i remembered. today was pretty boring, i had a lot of homework to do and i got blood drawn which was super sucky and my arm hurts but it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. i'm rewatching rocky horror right now, it's soo good

September 25nd, 2022

song of the day: Please Come to Our House / Jason's Therapy

oops i forgot to make an entry yesterday... erm. anyways. BEETLEJUICE TICKETS SECURED FOR NOVEMBER 26TH!!!!!!! i'm so excited :-D last night i watched like half of falsettos with my friends and had a lot of other fun I LOVE THEM! i love all my friends so much! i'm also probably gonna be writing an article soon just to bulk up this part of my site a little more, i already have some ideas but yall will see when i write it. i'm also really excited to hopefully see kerry butler in beetlejuice shes one of my favorite audreys ever and she seems so nice!! thats all bye!

September 23nd, 2022

song of the day: Barbara 2.0

happy LSoH day part II!!!! i hope yall are liking the christmas theme. today was fun, and i have a 4 day weekend! i got to hang out with my friends after school, and it was actually chilly today! i'm so excited for the holidays. it's only the 2nd day of fall, maybe it'll snow earlier this year too! i hope it snows at all, last year we only got like 3 inches of snow throughout all of winter. i also really wanna see beetlejuice before it closes- my parents said i could get tickets but we haven't gotten around to buying them yet. i really want a cd of it!! i really hope tickets don't sell out i would be so so sad. my school is also opening signups for the costume crew for the school play on the 30th so obviously i'm applying and on the 1st i'm seeing finney (one of my best friends ever) in oliver :-)) so i'm super exicted about that! watch my favorite video ever:

September 22nd, 2022

song of the day: Days Like This

I'm still not quite sure how i want to arrange this page but whatever. my day today was alright, but i'm exhaused! i'm super glad that fall has finally started, i literally cant wait till winter and the holidays. i'm planning on looking for falsettos (2016) cds... i've wanted one for a while but my friend ethan who introduced me to falsettos also wants one so i'm looking for 2 for us. in other news, a new guanteed*audio game out today :-) i'm listening to it as i type this. anyways that's it for now- byebye

September 21st, 2022

wow, first post!! it looks like all the other pages because i can't be bothered to change it right now, i mostly just wanted to make this so my first post would be on little shop of horrors day. if you didn't know, it's not its anniversiary or anything, but in the prologue, we're told that the story begins on 'the 21st day of the month of september', so here we are. did you know it's also technically on the 23rd because some productions use that instead of 21st? anyways i have a 4 day weekend coming up so i'll probably update my site a lot. that's all i really have to say today, my day was pretty unremarkable